Challenge 2: The internet has not really “knocked down the classroom walls”

3 Aug

Here is our latest daily discussion of the challenges that the Civil War Augmented Reality Project is designed to meet.

Challenge #2: The internet has not really “knocked down the classroom walls.”

When the technological revolution of the end of the 20th century brought the web to classrooms, excited educators like ourselves were transformed. Many of us believed that the connectivity to the rest of the world effectively “knocked down” the walls of our classrooms. While the connected classroom was incredibly revolutionary, we don’t feel that the process has gone far enough.
Connected classrooms, though important, have not inherently encouraged an exploration of the outside world. Power wires and desktop computers still hold up the classroom walls. We feel that the next technological step, the use of augmented reality in education, effectively will dissolve the walls. As our motto suggests, effective learning sometimes requires students and teachers to “get off of the wire and into the world.”
When the walls are gone, the world, in responsible hands, becomes the classroom. Not only the classroom, but also a museum and library with artifacts, documents, structures, and stories to explore. Rather than being organized by time period or the Dewey Decimal System, the new world museum will physically add the “place” to time and subject.


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