Important Friends of the Project

23 Jul

Ever since we introduced our proposal to the public, we had institutions contact our project with interest in partnership. After quite a bit of discussion, we’d like to announce the firms who are now our special friends.
First of all, the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We were most interested in this partnership because not only does the museum promote a fair, responsible interpretation of the conflict (with slavery as a cause!), but is also parked near the spot of the largest Union training camp in the US during the war. Geographically, the museum sits within sight of the northernmost advance of the Confederate forces in 1863, and would be an excellent hub for our project. We will be developing an AR experience for the museum in the next few months in order to showcase our project.

Secondly, Winvolve, a new media development firm from Toronto, has also offered their services and expertise to the project. Most recently, Winvolve produced a nationwide AR campaign for Quizno’s restaurants.
We have also, quite honestly, been receiving special treatment from a few AR firms who are also interested in allowing our project to be produced on their platforms: specifically Junaio and Tagwhat.


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